Why we Clean our Jumpers on Site.

We get the questions about our cleaning process for our bounce houses all the time. I figured hey why not write a post about it!

Here are the questions we often get asked: Why do we clean our bouncers on site? Do we clean them any other time? Why do we use a blower? What products do we use to clean them?

So here we go..

Yes, we clean our inflatables during other times besides on site. We set aside deep cleaning days for all of our inflatables. Deep cleaning consist of cleaning in the nooks and crannies that we can’t get to onsite. We use a disinfectant for our deep cleans and sometimes soap and water depending on the inflatable. We also clean the outside of the bouncer on deep cleaning days.

There are several reasons we clean our bounce houses and water slides on site.

Giving our clients a peace of mind knowing 100% the inflatable they rented and allowing their child to bounce on is ACTUALLY clean, is the number 1 reason we clean onsite.

Sure, anyone can say they cleaned their bouncer, but unless you actually see them do it you don’t know if that is true. So, if you are a person that struggles with trust, we have you covered, you will see us clean our inflatable right in front of your eyes.

The second reason we clean on site is to inspect it the inflatable. Because I have to inspect every single bouncer for safety, I might as well clean and disinfect it while I am inspecting it! Cleaning on site forces me to get down on my hands and knees in the bounce house and thoroughly inspect.

The third reason we clean on site is because it gives our bouncers  a fresh, crisp look after being in a warehouse, on a trailer, and then rolled on the ground and blown up. For 4 to 8 hours this inflatable, whether it is a bounce house, combo or water slide is going to be a part of your house and decor. Who wants a dirty old-looking inflatable in their yard? You take pride in your home and yard. We want our inflatable to represent that pride and beauty! We want people to be in awe about the inflatable in your yard not repulsed by it.

The final reason we clean on site is because we are parents and we know all about germs! How many times have you went to a play center and a few days later your kids are sick? We want our parents to have peace of mind knowing that the bounce house their child will spend the next few hours in is free of germs. So even though we deep clean, cleaning on site gives us an extra opportunity to get those germs that may have tried to escape being caught! It also rid the inflatable of our germs. I mean we did touch it to set it up.

The cleaning process..

To clean our bounce houses and water slides we use simple green, seventh generation or green works, and lysol wipes. All of these cleaners are safe for children and safe for the inflatable. We will often spray first and then use the lysol wipes second if the cleaner did not have a disinfectant in it.

We then use the blower for two reasons. The first is to get out any excess leaves or grass. The second is to dry the vinyl from the cleaning I did. Blowing it ensures there are no slippery spots or residue I may have missed!

We truly take pride in our inflatables and we love them. We believe if we take care of them they will take care of us. Did I mention they aren’t cheap? Because we purchase high quality bounce houses and water slides, we want to make sure we take care of them so they will last a long time. It also doesn’t hurt when our clients say man this inflatable looks brand new!

We love our clients and their jellybeans and we want parents to feel good about their kids jumping on our bouncers. Part of making an event epic is providing parents with peace of mind. Providing kids with a safe, clean, fun bounce house that won’t make them sick after playing.

So there you have it! This is why we take the extra time to clean all of our bounces houses and water slides on site!