The Jumpin’ Jellybean

Ain’t no party like a Jumpin’ Jellybean Party because a Jumpin’ Jellybean party rocks!!

You like the starburst and occasionally you like the gourmet, but what you really want is for your party to be Jumpin’!! No worries, we have exactly what you need.

Here is what you get with The Jumpin’ Jellybean party:

  • 3 hours of private play for 30 kids (that’s the whole place to yourself)
  • free pass for birthday child, siblings, and two friends
  • 25% off Jumpin’ Jellybeans future rental
  • star display and window display
  • red carpet
  • up to 50 socks
  • free coffee and tea for adults
  • 8 cheese pizzas and 8 pizzas 1 topping
  • Choice of Custom Birthday cake, 4 dozen cupcakes, or 2 cookie cakes
  • juice
  • drinks (non alcoholic) of choice for adults
  • plates, cups, napkins, cutlery
  • tablecloths
  • Themed center pieces (princess, superhero, carnival, lego, puppy)
  • party favor for each child
  • 50 balloons

With The Jumpin’ Jellybean Party you bring the kids, we do the rest. You get to rest and the kids get the best!