It takes a village to keep our jellybean pit shiny!

Have you ever heard the saying it takes a village?

Well, it takes a village to keep our ball pit nice and clean! And by village I don’t mean our village of jellybeans.

As a company, we’re doing everything in our power to keep our ball pit the cleanest you have ever seen. We do this by requiring new socks on every visit, cleaning and wiping down the ball pit several times a day, sanitizing our ball pit every night, and emptying it and deep cleaning it weekly. However, without your help these efforts could be pointless.

While my kids enjoy finding “treasures” i.e toys and other knick knacks in the ball pit, because it means they get a break from digging. If you have seen the movie holes you get this. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading and go watch it now!

We don’t like the idea that for a week toys can be floating around the ball pit. This is a whole week kids go without enjoying that toy in it’s designated area. This leaves room for kids to get hurt by landing on one of these toys. This means there is more likely hood of our mats getting damaged.

As parents of 10 kids, we know you can’t keep your eyes on your child every single second. This is why we need to work as a village. There is more likely hood we can prevent toys from sinking into the ball pit as a village. If you see someones kid with toys in the ball pit or your child runs for it and dumps toys into the ball pit, please inform one of our kid engineers. The sooner they know, they can be proactive with removing the toys from the ball pit before they sink into never never land. We promise you won’t get thrown out of the building.

Let’s talk about drinks and food!

We allow parents to walk around with their coffee as long as it has a lid; however, this does not mean you can enjoy that coffee or any other beverage in the ball pit. Please do not allow your little jellybean to have their sippy cups, squeeze drinks, crackers, or any other snack in the ball pit either. We spent a lot of time and thought in designing what we think is a very nice cafe for you to enjoy these items in. We don’t like to play ball pit cop and have to tell parents not to drink, eat, or allow their little ones to drink or eat in the ball pit; however, we will have to do this if we want our ball pit to remain the clean ball pit you love so much!

If you happen to spill your coffee or your little one knocks over your coffee, relax! Simply find a kid engineer and let them know about the spill and they will clean it up like it never happened. Please don’t try to sweep it under the rug (pun intended) and clean it up yourself. Your job is to relax and leave the cleaning up to us! Again we promise we won’t band you from the boutique!

Have you ever thought, maybe McDonald’s ball pit was so dirty because the people using it abused it?

While this may seem like a tantrum post, it’s really a plea for your help! If you are  probean, we ask that you advocate for us and be our eyes. Let us know if newbeans are unaware of our standards so we can inform them of how the boutique operates. Again we believe we are doing our part, but we are going to need your help!

I’m sure some of you are probably thinking, why don’t you just clean the ball pit every night?

Sure we could empty the ball pit every single night. This would mean we would need to close every night at 5 to do so. We don’t want to have to do that. Emptying the ball pit and cleaning the balls takes a total of 8-12 hours. We have a little jellybeans ourselves and we actually like to see them!

Sure we could hire someone to come in after we close and clean the ball pit every night. This would require us paying them and that would mean increasing our rates. We don’t want to have do that. We like having our rates affordable, but still able to maintain and operate a safe, clean, and secure establishment!

Our standards are above the industry standards

The industry standards for emptying and deep cleaning a ball pit is once month, Jumpin’ Jellybeans Boutique Play Space wanted to go above and beyond the industry standards. We wanted to do this, but still be accessible and affordable. Our goal is to stay open later and have rates that everyone could afford.

We understand things happen. However, we also know that things can be prevented. With us rolling into 60 days of being open and having many probeans who understand our standards and appreciate how we operate, we also know we have many newbeans coming on board. We wanted to take a moment and explain to the newbeans while reminding our probeans, that it takes a village to keep our ball pit so shiny!

So please, while at The Boutique relax, have a good time! But also remember if you see it or spill it, tell it! Don’t sip it or eat it while in the pit! Remember these few things and our Jellybean pit will be singing I’m so Shiny for a very long time!