It’s Just Silly String. Why Can’t We Use in it the Bounce House?

I know, I know you’re probably thinking it’s just silly string they are being dramatic. But the truth is silly string is not just silly string when it comes to an inflatable bounce house.

Why don’t we allow silly string on our bounce houses?

Silly string can have some major effects on a bounce house and do serious damage. There is a chemical in silly string that causes silly string to adhere to an inflatable when it comes in contact with it. This chemical will then burn into the unit causing a wept mark on the unit similar to a burn scar.

Cleaning silly string off a moon bounce is almost impossible. It takes hours and tons of goo gone to get silly string off a moon bounce. Often times, getting all of the silly string off is never possible.

Despite these effects of silly string on an inflatable, it is also very unsafe for children. This same chemical that will burn the unit can also cause the unit to become extremely slippery and cause slip hazards. If you aren’t sure why slipping on a bounce house is unsafe-imagine children colliding and bumping heads.

There is also the risk of getting silly string in their eyes and mouth. Because the children are bouncing around, it is more likely to get in someones eyes.

While silly string can be fun at parties, allowing children to spray silly string inside or on an inflatable isn’t a good idea . The reality is this idea is very unsafe and can be costly to parents. We will implement a cleaning fee to anyone who uses silly string on our bounce houses. If we find damage is done to the bounce house in result of silly string usage, you could be charged a damage fee up to $1000!

Help keep our bounces houses looking brand new!

Here’s the thing, I am a parent. Honestly, I don’t like silly string inside my house so I surely wouldn’t want it inside of a bounce house. This my friends is common courtesy. If you wouldn’t want to clean it up, why leave it for someone else to clean up. We love our clients and we consider you family. Our hope is that you feel apart of the Jumpin’ Jellybeans family and appreciate the care and beauty we take with our units. We hope that you will take pride in our units as if they are your own!

The next time you’re kids are begging you to spray their awesome silly string inside your rental bounce house, remember it’s not just silly string. It’s a hazard to your children and that big, beautiful, clean, awesome, brand new looking moon bounce you rented! Smile and say, “no sweetie you can’t use silly string inside the bounce house it will mess it it up and then we won’t be able to rent it again.”

I promise they will be ok and it will still be an EPIC birthday party!