The Boutique Play Space Rules

 Jumpin’ Jellybeans Boutique Play Space is all about having fun. We believe you have to follow rules all the time; so, we are not about enforcing “rules” but we are about  enforcing safety. Here are few things for you to DO to ensure your time with us is safe and spectacular!!

  • DO WEAR SOCKS. Special non slip socks are required by all children. Adults must purchase socks as well. Shoe covers are available for those who are unable to remove their shoes.
  • DO STAY ON THE PREMISES WITH YOUR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES.  All children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times, unless we are having a special Drop-off event!
  • DO COMPLETE OUR WAIVER. Prior to entering into the facility for playing you can complete our waiver online by clicking here.
  • DO ENSURE your children know and understand what they need to do while playing at Jumpin’ Jellybeans Boutique
  • DO  BRING A CHILD WITH YOU. Adults without children will not be permitted inside.
  • DO PLAY NICELY, RESPECT OTHERS AND OUR EQUIPMENT WHILE PLAYING AT JUMPIN’ JELLYBEANS. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is bullying or not being respectful to our staff, others, and/or our equipment.
  • DO PLAY IN AGE APPROPRIATE PLAY AREA. Please reserve our toddler area for little jellybeans 5 and under.

What about Shoes, Strollers, Food and the Bathroom?

  • DO LEAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE FRONT DESK WHEN CHECKING IN. Located at the check in center are numbered bins for you to put all shoes for your party into. Please bring this bin to the check in station where you will be given Jumpin’ Jellybean socks and  a numbered child safety wrist band. This is how we keep all of our little jellybeans safe while playing.
  • DO LEAVE YOUR STROLLER IN THE FRONT STROLLER PARKING AREA. Strollers are not allowed inside the play area nor cafe.
  • DO EAT AND DRINK IN THE CAFE AREA ONLY. Food and drinks are not allowed outside of the cafe area. This is how we keep our facility shiny and clean. Bottled Water for pregnant moms, coffee with lids for adults, formula for babies, and sippy cups are allowed in other areas.
  • DO ACCOMPANY YOUR CHILDREN TO THE BATHROOM. To ensure they are washing their hands and no little toddler puddles are being made please supervise your children in the bathrooms. In order to prevent germs from spreading, please be sure you take your jellybeans to the bathroom and they properly wash their hands before returning to the ball pit!
  • DO USE EITHER OF THE UNISEX BATHROOMS OR THE NURSING/CHANGING ROOMS TO CHANGE ALL DIAPERS. For sanitary reasons please do not change diapers in other areas of the boutique.

And Finally: