Rental Agreement and Waiver

Yep, you have to sign one of those long boring forms to rent a unit from us.

But don’t worry you can do it all online! Click here to sign our waiver!

Then come back and watch this cute little video with your Jellybeans on staying safe while jumpin’!

Safety First

Being parents of 10 kids we understand sometimes wrecklessness goes hand in hand with fun. Let’s face it kids will be kids and sometimes accidents happen no matter what we do to try and prevent them.

Inflatables can be dangerous and we want to make sure your precious jellybeans are as safe as possible. This is why we keep all our equipment up to date and meeting all the industries regulations and requirements. We are  fully insured and bonded with Cossio Insurance and all of our units are inspected, cleaned, and sanitized upon delivery. You will find rules and safety instructions posted on all of our units.

Children are to be monitored by an adult at all times.