Water slide season! Looking to Rent a Water Slide? Wondering How Many Hours to Reserve it For?

Summer is almost here and you are ready to rent a water a slide! If you been doing your research on renting a water slide for your upcoming party, then you know there are typically two-time options. There is usually a half day option up to 4 hours and a full day option up to 8 hours. We offer 3 options! But why?

When we first started our business we only offered full day options, however we got tons of people calling us saying they didn’t want the water slide all day. unfortunately, we didn’t have a different price option for those people. We quickly learned we needed to add a half day option for those people not wanting the water slide all day, so we did! We became like everyone else and had the two-time slot options. This lasted for quite a while until we realized we would arrive at some people’s parties and the party had been over for hours.

We realized many people wanted longer than four hours, but didn’t quite need 8 hours; however, there is something about feeling like you are getting your money’s worth. Often times, people would book for 8 hours when they really only needed 6. Since Jumpin’ Jellybeans is all about servicing our customers and providing them with the best experience possible, we created a 3rd option! The 6 hours slot! I like to think it’s the sweet spot. More than 4 but not quite 8!

So, how long do you really need your  water slide? water slide, inflatable water slide

You have to factor in delivery and pick up. If your party is only 2 hours long, chances are 4 hours is perfect. We typically delivery 1-2 hours prior to party start time and pick up 30 min-2 hour after party end time. Here is an example. Your party begins at 2 and ends at 4. You schedule your water slide rental time from 1-5. We will arrive at 12 and pick up at 6 or arrive at 11 and pickup at 5:30. We may even arrive at 10 and pick up at 7. This means you have the potential of having your water slide at least an extra hour or two maybe even 4!

Now of course you can’t guarantee we will arrive on the early side of drop off or the late side of pickup; however, you can factor in we will definitely be there an hour prior and 30 min after. Giving you an extra hour and a half of party time for free.

So, unless you plan on partying all day and all night, chances are you won’t need a full 8 hour rental. 6 hours is a great time slot for those people who want a full day of fun and 4 hours is perfect for those who would like to have the water slide a couple of hours before and after their party but don’t want to have it all day!

Our suggestion, no matter if you rent with us or someone else, is don’t be over zealous with your reservation time. You could end up having a water slide for 12 hours! That’s a long time! Sure some people would totally use it for 12 hours. From our experience most people don’t.

Before you click that 8 hour time slot really ask yourself these questions.

Do I want this water slide running for up to 12 hours? Do I want to use all that water? Will the kids stay active and playing on the inflatable the entire time? Am I going to stay energized to watch them that long? Will my guest stay longer than hour after the official end time of the party? Will everything be packed up and gone before bedtime? Is it really worth it? If you answer yes to all of these, then go for it! 8 hours is the time you need. If you answered no to some, consider saving yourself some cash and click the 6 hour option.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when renting a water slide is you cannot control when they will be dropped off or picked up in most cases. If you have an early party, you risk and early delivery time. If you have a late party, you risk a late pick up time. You have to be willing to be flexible with your time. If you know you can’t or aren’t flexible with your time, please factor this into your reservation time. Here is an example. I can’t get into the location where I am having my party until 2 party starts at 3. I have to be out of the building by 6 party ends at 5. You would want to reserve the four-hour slot and your party time from 3-4:30 with special request of late drop off and early pick up.

If your party time is schedule from 2-6, we will have you scheduled to be delivered and setup by 1 with no adjustments and pick up between 6-8 with no adjustments. We do this because we may need to be at our next party setup at 2 because their event begins at 3. Everything is strategically planned this is how we make your experience epic, it’s all in the details!

Now that you know exactly how long you should rent your water slide. Head over to our reservation page by clicking here! In the event you are unsure on what exactly you need, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email and we will help you out with choosing the perfect time slot for your needs!