Late Night Water slide Delivery and Pickup

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer! This means a lot of nighttime parties. While we love nighttime partying we do ask that you make special arrangements for any reservation time after 7.

`What’s up with that?

Did you know, Jumpin’ Jellybeans is family owned and operated? When we say family operated, we mean family operated! You already know we are a husband wife duo if you have allowed us to be a part of one of your events.  Fortunately, we are blessed during our busy season to have my little brother work for us while he is home from college!

Many times we will bring one or two of our older kids to help out on extremely busy days. While we love being family operated and many of our clients love this aspect, it makes our business run differently.

How, you ask?

Well, for starters, it’s just myself and Jb running routes when we don’t have the presence of Collin. So, this means we have to time our routes perfectly to ensure we get to each job on time and in a timely matter. What this means for you as the client is; our delivery routes are scheduled the day prior to the events, we schedule deliveries 1-2 hours prior to your start time and our pick ups  are scheduled 30 min to 2 hours after end time.

Here is an example, if we have two people with event end times at 7 we will get to one of them at 7 or 7:30 and the next one around 8:30 or maybe 9! This means if we had two events scheduled to end at 10 pm we wouldn’t get to our last job until midnight!! Did I mention we have 9 kids at home. On a typical day we will leave for deliveries around 6 am. Imagine if we didn’t return home until midnight or later. We love our babysitter and she loves us, but I’m not quite sure how much she would love us if that was our typical schedule.

You see nighttime parties require special arrangements. We have to make special arrangements and accommodations to accommodate these types of events.

This is why you should just hire staff.

Hiring staff means we wouldn’t be family operated, and it would totally take away one of the things you love about jumpin’ jellybeans! However, we are not far removed from the reality that eventually we will have to hire staff. While we have an idea of the kind of staff we would like to hire and serve our clients, we understand this type of staff is going to require more from the company they work for.

Both Jb and I have been “staff” before and we knew exactly how that felt and we didn’t like it. We don’t want to hire “staff” we want to hire family and we want them to feel like family. Our motto is, if we wouldn’t want to do it, don’t make someone else do it! People have lives outside of their work places and they deserve to have time with their families. Everyone from our clients to our famployees deserve to have their time respected.

Even with famployees we will require special arrangements for nighttime parties. This will give us the opportunity to prepare our famployees for a late night. We will also be able to pay them overtime for their late night shift. Let’s face it, we pay for convenience. On those rare occasions when we have more than one nighttime party booked we will be able to bring in extra hands to get everyone taken care of! Your happy, our famployees are happy, which makes Jumpin’ Jellybeans different from the other bounce house companies!

So, here is what we ask;

  1. Call before scheduling an event that will go beyond 7 p.m.
  2. Pay a minimum pick up fee of $25
  3. Have and epic party

That’s it!

We hope this gives you more insight to our operations and policies and we look forward to serving you and your family!