You’re Just Inflatable Company

Often times, we have had people contact us and they will say, “Ok let me call you back I’m going to check out the other guys.” When we talk to people about inflatables, they usually say  a bounce house is a bounce house is a bounce house. We at Jumpin’ Jellybeans don’t believe every inflatable company is the same.

So what makes us different?

We are a husband and wife team!

Most, if not all, inflatable companies are typically ran by men and men only. How often do you see a woman show up at your door and walk side by side helping her husband setup and ensuring that each and every inflatable has the cleanliness, beauty, and detail that only a woman would notice. We actually like each other and enjoy spending time together! Setting up inflatables is not only our business but it’s our date day.

We have kids and lots of them!!
Although many inflatable companies claim to be family owned, do they actually have a family of young children?

We do! Because of this, we know what our standards are as parents and what we would expect and want if someone showed up at our house with an inflatable. We would expect it to be sanitized and cleaned before our precious babies got on it. We would expect it to be safe. We would expect to be able to enjoy it with our children, because we actually like to play with our kids! Because we expect this treatment, we deliver this treatment. Every single time we setup an inflatable we sanitize it and clean it, we inspect it and try it out, we pay attention to details like were the cords are placed. And we REQUIRE our parents to test the products!! (ok maybe not require, but encourage).

We do this for a living.
This is how we feed our family. This isn’t a weekend hustle for us or a side gig. This is our lively hood, our saving grace, our bread and butter. This business is our baby, our pride and joy.

Not only does it keep food on the table, but it allows us freedom to be with our kids and do things as a family that a typical career wouldn’t allow, believe us we know. The head Jellybean worked one of those careers for 13 years and he missed out on a lot. Without Jumpin’ Jellybeans we would lose a lot.

What does that mean for our clients?

They are going to get the BEST in customer service, product, and treatment.


Because we NEED them!

Without our clients we have nothing, so we know how important our clients are to our business and how important our business is to us so it’s one big circle of life! This is why we believe our clients are part of the Jumpin’ Jellybean family! We are connected.

We aren’t trying to become millionaires. (not that we wouldn’t mind)
We didn’t start this company to get rich. We started this company to provide a service to the community of people we love, families and children. We started this company to provide us with the freedom we wanted so badly.

We aren’t trying to get rich by ripping people off.

We want families to enjoy spending time with their kids and not be thinking about how they are going to eat for the next two weeks. We love our kids and the joy they bring and we want that for every family!

Not to mention, we want parents to get a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP and maybe even SLEEP IN at least once! Jumpin’ Jellybeans does all of this!

If you aren’t convinced by now that Jumpin’ Jellybeans isn’t just another bouncy house rental place, then CALL US 901-609-8131  rent one of our bounce houses and let us PROOVE it!