The Indoor Boutique Play Space

 The Indoor Boutique Play Space!

Jumpin’ Jellybeans Indoor Boutique Play Space will be open Saturday October 14th 1-4pm only!

   Skip waiting and sign ouR Waiver before you arrive!     


Our goal as an indoor play space is to provide a place where kids can be kids and parents can relax.  We want our space to be a place where parents can come, kick back, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, answer emails, hang out with friends, and even hold a business meeting ALL while their kids play!

Jumpin’ Jellybeans indoor Boutique Play Space is NOT a warehouse full of inflatables.

We are a sleek, unique, boutique. With over 7000 square feet of bliss and fun.  We offer a large ball pit filled with over 50,000 balls, an interactive gaming system, gaming cubes with an atari game system loaded with games you might or might not remember as a kid and sega genesis also loaded with games you surely will remember as a kid! A toddler area and several other fun toys and spaces.

That’s not even the best of it!

We didn’t forget our big beans! We offer a fully stocked, self serve, Flavia coffee bar and chillax parent lounge in our Coolbeans Cafe!

While we do not serve food at this time, feel free to bring in your own lunch or dinner. Don’t want to pack a lunch or dinner? NO worries, with our re-entry program, you can pack up your little jellybeans head over to one of the many restaurants enjoy a nice lunch or dinner then head back over to Jumpin’ Jellybeans for more fun and relaxing!