Boutique FAQ

Can we wear shoes in the Play Space?

NO shoes are allowed in the Play Space. All children and adults are required to take their shoes off. If you have a disability that prevents you from removing your shoes, we do offer shoe covers. These shoe covers are not designed to be walked around in. They are designed for the person wearing them to be able to sit in the cafe area with their shoes on.

Why do we see you wearing shoes?

Occasionally, you will see the bean team wearing fit kicks and/or swim shoes. These shoes have never been worn outside of The Boutique and are used to help our aching feet after standing on them for hours!

Why do adults have to take their shoes off? I am not playing.

You say that now…. but those balls are going to call your name! Ok, that’s not the reason you have to take off your shoes. We have two main reason adults are required to take off their shoes. A. Our facility is a shoe free facility to try and help maintain germs as much as possible. By leaving shoes at the front desk it keeps germs and dirt down. You want our balls and ball pit to stay nice and clean right? B. by requiring adults to leave their shoes at the front counter in ensures parents will return to the front the counter to have their wristbands checked for child safety and security.

Are the shoe covers slip resistant?

Shoe covers ARE NOT slip resistant! The floor is very slippery, and this is why we provide and recommend every single person to wear our special slip resistant socks. You will be required to sign a waiver stating that you understand the shoe covers are not slip resistant and you acknowledge the floor is slippery, you were offered slip resistant socks, and declined.

Can we use our socks again?

Nope. We give you new socks every single time.

Why can’t we just use our socks again?

Have you ever been to an indoor inflatable play area or indoor playground? Did it smell like old sweaty shoes and feet? Was the equipment not as cleaned as you would’ve imagined? Well, this is because most of these places allow you to either A. wear your own socks or B. bring back your old socks.

We know that laundry is a daunting thing, and we know that sometimes every sock doesn’t get washed. We know that kids like to wear the same socks over and over again. We know that people walk around with their socks on in all kinds of places to check their mail, take out the trash, or whatever. So because we can’t guarantee everyone will come back with nice, clean, smell good socks, we just give you new socks! This is why our facility smells so good. And, hey who doesn’t like getting new socks!

What should I do with my socks?

Wear them around your house! Wear them to school or work! Wear them to check your mail or take out your trash! Donate them or simply throw them away! Just don’t bring them back with you. 🙂

Do you offer/serve food or snacks?

Nope. We do not offer any food, snacks or drinks other than water, coffee and tea.

Can we bring in outside food?

Absolutely! You can bring any food, drink or snack of your choice! We simply ask you keep all food and drinks in the Cool beans cafe. You can also have pizza delivered!

Do you offer birthday parties?

Of course! All of our birthday parties are private parties.

Can I bring in a cake for my birthday child during open play?

Sorry, we do not allow outside cake during open play. Your birthday child is more than welcome to come play at The Boutique for their birthday; however, any birthday activities will not be allowed. We reserve these special activities and events for VIP guest who book private parties.

Can I have a face painter for my party?

Sorry, we do not allow any type of face paint in our facility. Many face painters use acrylic paint and often times that paint stains and is impossible to remove from surfaces. Due to our high integrity and goal of keeping The Boutique as clean as possible face paint is not allowed.

How will I know if you are open or closed for a private event?

We announce frequently on our Facebook page when we are closing for a private event. We also post all special and private events on our calendar under the events tab. Or you can simply drive out to The Boutique see we are closed and then enjoy dinner or lunch at one the fabulous restaurants located at Carriage Crossing!

How many inflatables do you have?

Zero! Jumpin’ Jellybeans Boutique Play Space is not an indoor inflatable space. If you want an inflatable, check out our rental side!

Are you a Franchise?

Nope. This is our first baby! We do have plans of expanding our brand!