The Birth of Jumpin’ Jellybeans

Planning a party can be cumbersome and time consuming. There have been many times my wife and I have been invited to an event and they say bring the whole family! We have heard about local events and they say fun for the whole family! Now keep in mind, our family consist of 9 little children, so, when we are told to bring the whole family we are always a little hesitant and reluctant. Despite our reluctancy, we always go. What we have found is most events are not really kid friendly. There usually isn’t much of anything for our kids to do. We asked ourselves, why is that? Why don’t these places have things for kids to do? And, this my friend is how jumpin’ jellybeans was born. Born from our desire to help people make their events more fun and family friendly. With an affordable rate and us doing all the work, there isn’t a reason you can’t turn ANY and EVERY single event into fun for the whole family, literally!