What About The Germs in The Ball Pit?

Jumpin’ Jellybeans will not be Jumpin’ Jellygerms.

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking about the days of McDonald’s ball pit and maybe even Showbiz Pizza ( I know I totally showed my age). There are two distinct things that make us different from these two places. 1. It is 2017 and technology has evolved, and 2. We are a boutique!

What does that have to do with balls and germs?

We have a state of the art ball washing machine that we use to clean all of our balls! We lovingly call him Ewalk. Ewalk sucks up all the balls, sends them through a washing machine with special soap, and spits the clean ball back out. Technology has evolved since the days of McDonald’s ball pit!

We don’t stop there. If you know anything about a boutique, it is usually smaller, more upscale, friendlier, cleaner, and sometimes more expensive than your big box stores. A boutique goes the extra mile to ensure their products are higher quality. The boutique play space is no different.

Every Sunday night we empty our ball pit and wipe down all the surfaces, walls, and floor mat. Next we sort through the balls, get rid of any deflated balls and hand wipe any balls that may need extra attention. We then mist our balls with a disinfectant solution and let them sit overnight. Monday Morning we send all of our balls to Ewalk who deep cleans them and refill the pit the with nice clean balls! Now you know why we close at 5 on Sunday and are Closed on Monday’s.

Have you ever heard of a McDonald’s or Chuck E Cheese closing for a day of deep cleaning? We take that extra step to ensure our ball pit is germ free.

What else can you expect from us to keep you germ free?

Several times a day, myself or one of the fun directors will go through and wipe down all of the handles, steps, walls of the ball pit, door knobs or anywhere else that little germs may have gotten. We do this process several times throughout the day. Every night at closing we go through and disinfect our ball pit, kitchen area, train area, toddler area, game room, and the cool beans cafe! We mop the floors including the mats with a disinfectant cleaner. This is why we currently close at 7pm to allow us time to fully go through and clean and sanitize the play space.

Our socks are a requirement for everyone and we give out new socks with every visit. This ensures everyone is walking around with clean, fresh germ free socks! We ask that those wanting to take a tour of The Boutique wear shoe covers or remove their shoes. Balls that roll out of the ball pit into the front of the store where shoes are worn, we collect and clean them by hand before returning them to the ball pit. Every single fun director has hand sanitizer, tissues, and bandaids on hand in their aprons for runny noses or dirty hands. Throughout the boutique you will find hand sanitizer for you to use at your leisure as well as tissues and napkins for little runny noses.

While we can’t kill every single micro germ, we do our very best to ensure our facility is clean, sanitized, and fresh every single day! If you know anything about Jumpin’ Jellybeans Party Rentals and Inflatables, then you know without a doubt Jumpin’ Jellybeans Boutique Play Space is going to be as clean as clean can be!

So, while you may have had a horrible experience with a McDonald’s ball pit off the highway in 1998 or a showbiz pizza in 1988, you don’t have to worry about having that same experience at The Boutique. Every ball pit isn’t created equal and every ball pit isn’t a germ fest. So, cool your beans, take off your shoes, chillax, get a cup of coffee and Jump in the ball pit for goodness sake!!

The Indoor Boutique Play Space

 The Indoor Boutique Play Space!

Jumpin’ Jellybeans Indoor Boutique Play Space will be closed on September 17th for private events!

   Skip waiting and sign ouR Waiver before you arrive!     


Our goal as an indoor play space is to provide a place where kids can be kids and parents can relax.  We want our space to be a place where parents can come, kick back, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, answer emails, hang out with friends, and even hold a business meeting ALL while their kids play!

Jumpin’ Jellybeans indoor Boutique Play Space is NOT a warehouse full of inflatables.

We are a sleek, unique, boutique. With over 7000 square feet of bliss and fun.  We offer a large ball pit filled with over 50,000 balls, an interactive gaming system, gaming cubes with an atari game system loaded with games you might or might not remember as a kid and sega genesis also loaded with games you surely will remember as a kid! A toddler area and several other fun toys and spaces.

That’s not even the best of it!

We didn’t forget our big beans! We offer a fully stocked, self serve, Flavia coffee bar and chillax parent lounge in our Coolbeans Cafe!

While we do not serve food at this time, feel free to bring in your own lunch or dinner. Don’t want to pack a lunch or dinner? NO worries, with our re-entry program, you can pack up your little jellybeans head over to one of the many restaurants enjoy a nice lunch or dinner then head back over to Jumpin’ Jellybeans for more fun and relaxing!



Late Night Water slide Delivery and Pickup

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer! This means a lot of nighttime parties. While we love nighttime partying we do ask that you make special arrangements for any reservation time after 7.

`What’s up with that?

Did you know, Jumpin’ Jellybeans is family owned and operated? When we say family operated, we mean family operated! You already know we are a husband wife duo if you have allowed us to be a part of one of your events.  Fortunately, we are blessed during our busy season to have my little brother work for us while he is home from college!

Many times we will bring one or two of our older kids to help out on extremely busy days. While we love being family operated and many of our clients love this aspect, it makes our business run differently.

How, you ask?

Well, for starters, it’s just myself and Jb running routes when we don’t have the presence of Collin. So, this means we have to time our routes perfectly to ensure we get to each job on time and in a timely matter. What this means for you as the client is; our delivery routes are scheduled the day prior to the events, we schedule deliveries 1-2 hours prior to your start time and our pick ups  are scheduled 30 min to 2 hours after end time.

Here is an example, if we have two people with event end times at 7 we will get to one of them at 7 or 7:30 and the next one around 8:30 or maybe 9! This means if we had two events scheduled to end at 10 pm we wouldn’t get to our last job until midnight!! Did I mention we have 9 kids at home. On a typical day we will leave for deliveries around 6 am. Imagine if we didn’t return home until midnight or later. We love our babysitter and she loves us, but I’m not quite sure how much she would love us if that was our typical schedule.

You see nighttime parties require special arrangements. We have to make special arrangements and accommodations to accommodate these types of events.

This is why you should just hire staff.

Hiring staff means we wouldn’t be family operated, and it would totally take away one of the things you love about jumpin’ jellybeans! However, we are not far removed from the reality that eventually we will have to hire staff. While we have an idea of the kind of staff we would like to hire and serve our clients, we understand this type of staff is going to require more from the company they work for.

Both Jb and I have been “staff” before and we knew exactly how that felt and we didn’t like it. We don’t want to hire “staff” we want to hire family and we want them to feel like family. Our motto is, if we wouldn’t want to do it, don’t make someone else do it! People have lives outside of their work places and they deserve to have time with their families. Everyone from our clients to our famployees deserve to have their time respected.

Even with famployees we will require special arrangements for nighttime parties. This will give us the opportunity to prepare our famployees for a late night. We will also be able to pay them overtime for their late night shift. Let’s face it, we pay for convenience. On those rare occasions when we have more than one nighttime party booked we will be able to bring in extra hands to get everyone taken care of! Your happy, our famployees are happy, which makes Jumpin’ Jellybeans different from the other bounce house companies!

So, here is what we ask;

  1. Call before scheduling an event that will go beyond 7 p.m.
  2. Pay a minimum pick up fee of $25
  3. Have and epic party

That’s it!

We hope this gives you more insight to our operations and policies and we look forward to serving you and your family!


Birthday Party? Get a Cookie to Celebrate!

How did cake become the face of birthday’s and when did cupcakes take over that face? Who said a birthday cake or  cupcake has to be the centerpiece to a birthday party?


We all know birthday cakes are awesome and they make up a huge portion of birthday planning. A beautiful cake that taste delicious is just as important as the activities at the birthday. What if I told you cookies can be just as great? Yep, I said cookies! Cookies are a lost treat that doesn’t get the value and attention they deserve. Even though cookies aren’t thought of as a signature centerpiece for a birthday party, they are always a welcomed treat to have. No one ever just eats one cookie. A good warm cookie can soothe your soul unlike any slice of cake. Bury the cake and revive the cookie!

Hello Birthday Party Cookie!

We all remember the first time we saw the giant birthday cookie and how amazed we were! Everyone wanted the giant birthday cookie. Somehow along the way the classic cake took over and overshadowed the excitement of the birthday cookie. We love the idea of the birthday cookie at Jumpin’ Jellybeans! It’s nontraditional, it’s clean, it’s inexpensive and more importantly it is yummy!

You can take a birthday cookie and make it into anything your heart desires. So next time you are planning your birthday party check out our friends at Great American Cookie and allow them to help make your birthday cookie the best desert ever!

Water slide season! Looking to Rent a Water Slide? Wondering How Many Hours to Reserve it For?

Summer is almost here and you are ready to rent a water a slide! If you been doing your research on renting a water slide for your upcoming party, then you know there are typically two-time options. There is usually a half day option up to 4 hours and a full day option up to 8 hours. We offer 3 options! But why?

When we first started our business we only offered full day options, however we got tons of people calling us saying they didn’t want the water slide all day. unfortunately, we didn’t have a different price option for those people. We quickly learned we needed to add a half day option for those people not wanting the water slide all day, so we did! We became like everyone else and had the two-time slot options. This lasted for quite a while until we realized we would arrive at some people’s parties and the party had been over for hours.

We realized many people wanted longer than four hours, but didn’t quite need 8 hours; however, there is something about feeling like you are getting your money’s worth. Often times, people would book for 8 hours when they really only needed 6. Since Jumpin’ Jellybeans is all about servicing our customers and providing them with the best experience possible, we created a 3rd option! The 6 hours slot! I like to think it’s the sweet spot. More than 4 but not quite 8!

So, how long do you really need your  water slide? water slide, inflatable water slide

You have to factor in delivery and pick up. If your party is only 2 hours long, chances are 4 hours is perfect. We typically delivery 1-2 hours prior to party start time and pick up 30 min-2 hour after party end time. Here is an example. Your party begins at 2 and ends at 4. You schedule your water slide rental time from 1-5. We will arrive at 12 and pick up at 6 or arrive at 11 and pickup at 5:30. We may even arrive at 10 and pick up at 7. This means you have the potential of having your water slide at least an extra hour or two maybe even 4!

Now of course you can’t guarantee we will arrive on the early side of drop off or the late side of pickup; however, you can factor in we will definitely be there an hour prior and 30 min after. Giving you an extra hour and a half of party time for free.

So, unless you plan on partying all day and all night, chances are you won’t need a full 8 hour rental. 6 hours is a great time slot for those people who want a full day of fun and 4 hours is perfect for those who would like to have the water slide a couple of hours before and after their party but don’t want to have it all day!

Our suggestion, no matter if you rent with us or someone else, is don’t be over zealous with your reservation time. You could end up having a water slide for 12 hours! That’s a long time! Sure some people would totally use it for 12 hours. From our experience most people don’t.

Before you click that 8 hour time slot really ask yourself these questions.

Do I want this water slide running for up to 12 hours? Do I want to use all that water? Will the kids stay active and playing on the inflatable the entire time? Am I going to stay energized to watch them that long? Will my guest stay longer than hour after the official end time of the party? Will everything be packed up and gone before bedtime? Is it really worth it? If you answer yes to all of these, then go for it! 8 hours is the time you need. If you answered no to some, consider saving yourself some cash and click the 6 hour option.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when renting a water slide is you cannot control when they will be dropped off or picked up in most cases. If you have an early party, you risk and early delivery time. If you have a late party, you risk a late pick up time. You have to be willing to be flexible with your time. If you know you can’t or aren’t flexible with your time, please factor this into your reservation time. Here is an example. I can’t get into the location where I am having my party until 2 party starts at 3. I have to be out of the building by 6 party ends at 5. You would want to reserve the four-hour slot and your party time from 3-4:30 with special request of late drop off and early pick up.

If your party time is schedule from 2-6, we will have you scheduled to be delivered and setup by 1 with no adjustments and pick up between 6-8 with no adjustments. We do this because we may need to be at our next party setup at 2 because their event begins at 3. Everything is strategically planned this is how we make your experience epic, it’s all in the details!

Now that you know exactly how long you should rent your water slide. Head over to our reservation page by clicking here! In the event you are unsure on what exactly you need, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email and we will help you out with choosing the perfect time slot for your needs!


It’s Just Silly String. Why Can’t We Use in it the Bounce House?

I know, I know you’re probably thinking it’s just silly string they are being dramatic. But the truth is silly string is not just silly string when it comes to an inflatable bounce house.

Why don’t we allow silly string on our bounce houses?

Silly string can have some major effects on a bounce house and do serious damage. There is a chemical in silly string that causes silly string to adhere to an inflatable when it comes in contact with it. This chemical will then burn into the unit causing a wept mark on the unit similar to a burn scar.

Cleaning silly string off a moon bounce is almost impossible. It takes hours and tons of goo gone to get silly string off a moon bounce. Often times, getting all of the silly string off is never possible.

Despite these effects of silly string on an inflatable, it is also very unsafe for children. This same chemical that will burn the unit can also cause the unit to become extremely slippery and cause slip hazards. If you aren’t sure why slipping on a bounce house is unsafe-imagine children colliding and bumping heads.

There is also the risk of getting silly string in their eyes and mouth. Because the children are bouncing around, it is more likely to get in someones eyes.

While silly string can be fun at parties, allowing children to spray silly string inside or on an inflatable isn’t a good idea . The reality is this idea is very unsafe and can be costly to parents. We will implement a cleaning fee to anyone who uses silly string on our bounce houses. If we find damage is done to the bounce house in result of silly string usage, you could be charged a damage fee up to $1000!

Help keep our bounces houses looking brand new!

Here’s the thing, I am a parent. Honestly, I don’t like silly string inside my house so I surely wouldn’t want it inside of a bounce house. This my friends is common courtesy. If you wouldn’t want to clean it up, why leave it for someone else to clean up. We love our clients and we consider you family. Our hope is that you feel apart of the Jumpin’ Jellybeans family and appreciate the care and beauty we take with our units. We hope that you will take pride in our units as if they are your own!

The next time you’re kids are begging you to spray their awesome silly string inside your rental bounce house, remember it’s not just silly string. It’s a hazard to your children and that big, beautiful, clean, awesome, brand new looking moon bounce you rented! Smile and say, “no sweetie you can’t use silly string inside the bounce house it will mess it it up and then we won’t be able to rent it again.”

I promise they will be ok and it will still be an EPIC birthday party!



Why we Clean our Jumpers on Site.

We get the questions about our cleaning process for our bounce houses all the time. I figured hey why not write a post about it!

Here are the questions we often get asked: Why do we clean our bouncers on site? Do we clean them any other time? Why do we use a blower? What products do we use to clean them?

So here we go..

Yes, we clean our inflatables during other times besides on site. We set aside deep cleaning days for all of our inflatables. Deep cleaning consist of cleaning in the nooks and crannies that we can’t get to onsite. We use a disinfectant for our deep cleans and sometimes soap and water depending on the inflatable. We also clean the outside of the bouncer on deep cleaning days.

There are several reasons we clean our bounce houses and water slides on site.

Giving our clients a peace of mind knowing 100% the inflatable they rented and allowing their child to bounce on is ACTUALLY clean, is the number 1 reason we clean onsite.

Sure, anyone can say they cleaned their bouncer, but unless you actually see them do it you don’t know if that is true. So, if you are a person that struggles with trust, we have you covered, you will see us clean our inflatable right in front of your eyes.

The second reason we clean on site is to inspect it the inflatable. Because I have to inspect every single bouncer for safety, I might as well clean and disinfect it while I am inspecting it! Cleaning on site forces me to get down on my hands and knees in the bounce house and thoroughly inspect.

The third reason we clean on site is because it gives our bouncers  a fresh, crisp look after being in a warehouse, on a trailer, and then rolled on the ground and blown up. For 4 to 8 hours this inflatable, whether it is a bounce house, combo or water slide is going to be a part of your house and decor. Who wants a dirty old-looking inflatable in their yard? You take pride in your home and yard. We want our inflatable to represent that pride and beauty! We want people to be in awe about the inflatable in your yard not repulsed by it.

The final reason we clean on site is because we are parents and we know all about germs! How many times have you went to a play center and a few days later your kids are sick? We want our parents to have peace of mind knowing that the bounce house their child will spend the next few hours in is free of germs. So even though we deep clean, cleaning on site gives us an extra opportunity to get those germs that may have tried to escape being caught! It also rid the inflatable of our germs. I mean we did touch it to set it up.

The cleaning process..

To clean our bounce houses and water slides we use simple green, seventh generation or green works, and lysol wipes. All of these cleaners are safe for children and safe for the inflatable. We will often spray first and then use the lysol wipes second if the cleaner did not have a disinfectant in it.

We then use the blower for two reasons. The first is to get out any excess leaves or grass. The second is to dry the vinyl from the cleaning I did. Blowing it ensures there are no slippery spots or residue I may have missed!

We truly take pride in our inflatables and we love them. We believe if we take care of them they will take care of us. Did I mention they aren’t cheap? Because we purchase high quality bounce houses and water slides, we want to make sure we take care of them so they will last a long time. It also doesn’t hurt when our clients say man this inflatable looks brand new!

We love our clients and their jellybeans and we want parents to feel good about their kids jumping on our bouncers. Part of making an event epic is providing parents with peace of mind. Providing kids with a safe, clean, fun bounce house that won’t make them sick after playing.

So there you have it! This is why we take the extra time to clean all of our bounces houses and water slides on site!



Book your bounce house and Forget it!

Have you ever scheduled something and then worried yourself crazy about the details?

I have always felt when I am booking something, the goal is for that something- that I am booking- to improve the quality of my life not take away from it.

That is is the beauty of booking your bounce house rental for your next birthday party, church event, school event, family reunion, anything event with Jumpin’ jellybeans!

You book your bounce house and Forget it!

We strive to make your life a little bit easier by providing excellent customer service and epic events. When you rent a bounce house from us, the only thing you have to do is book it! That’s right folks…. the hardest part of the entire process is reserving your inflatable! Once you have reserved your water slide, bouncy castle, or whichever inflatable you decide-we will take care of the rest.

So here is what the process looks like:


  1.  visit our reservation page here
  2. choose the inflatable you would like to rent
  3. enter your information
  4. walk away from your computer
  5. receive a confirmation email


  1. approve your reservation
  2. charge you a $25 deposit
  3. send you a confirmation email (with fun information so please read it)
  4. contact you 24 hours prior to your schedule event to (confirm delivery and pick up times, give more important information and answer questions you may have)
  5. send you a text letting you know we are in route to your location
  6. show up on time for delivery
  7. set up your bouncy house
  8. clean and sanitize your water slide rental
  9. leave and send another text confirming your inflatable is ready
  10.  send text informing you we are on our way back
  11. pick up bounce house
  12. leave send you a thank you text (beg you to review us)

That’s it!

See…… you book it and forget it…. we do the rest!

Can’t wait to see you at your next epic event!!


The Birth of Jumpin’ Jellybeans

Planning a party can be cumbersome and time consuming. There have been many times my wife and I have been invited to an event and they say bring the whole family! We have heard about local events and they say fun for the whole family! Now keep in mind, our family consist of 9 little children, so, when we are told to bring the whole family we are always a little hesitant and reluctant. Despite our reluctancy, we always go. What we have found is most events are not really kid friendly. There usually isn’t much of anything for our kids to do. We asked ourselves, why is that? Why don’t these places have things for kids to do? And, this my friend is how jumpin’ jellybeans was born. Born from our desire to help people make their events more fun and family friendly. With an affordable rate and us doing all the work, there isn’t a reason you can’t turn ANY and EVERY single event into fun for the whole family, literally!

You’re Just Inflatable Company

Often times, we have had people contact us and they will say, “Ok let me call you back I’m going to check out the other guys.” When we talk to people about inflatables, they usually say  a bounce house is a bounce house is a bounce house. We at Jumpin’ Jellybeans don’t believe every inflatable company is the same.

So what makes us different?

We are a husband and wife team!

Most, if not all, inflatable companies are typically ran by men and men only. How often do you see a woman show up at your door and walk side by side helping her husband setup and ensuring that each and every inflatable has the cleanliness, beauty, and detail that only a woman would notice. We actually like each other and enjoy spending time together! Setting up inflatables is not only our business but it’s our date day.

We have kids and lots of them!!
Although many inflatable companies claim to be family owned, do they actually have a family of young children?

We do! Because of this, we know what our standards are as parents and what we would expect and want if someone showed up at our house with an inflatable. We would expect it to be sanitized and cleaned before our precious babies got on it. We would expect it to be safe. We would expect to be able to enjoy it with our children, because we actually like to play with our kids! Because we expect this treatment, we deliver this treatment. Every single time we setup an inflatable we sanitize it and clean it, we inspect it and try it out, we pay attention to details like were the cords are placed. And we REQUIRE our parents to test the products!! (ok maybe not require, but encourage).

We do this for a living.
This is how we feed our family. This isn’t a weekend hustle for us or a side gig. This is our lively hood, our saving grace, our bread and butter. This business is our baby, our pride and joy.

Not only does it keep food on the table, but it allows us freedom to be with our kids and do things as a family that a typical career wouldn’t allow, believe us we know. The head Jellybean worked one of those careers for 13 years and he missed out on a lot. Without Jumpin’ Jellybeans we would lose a lot.

What does that mean for our clients?

They are going to get the BEST in customer service, product, and treatment.


Because we NEED them!

Without our clients we have nothing, so we know how important our clients are to our business and how important our business is to us so it’s one big circle of life! This is why we believe our clients are part of the Jumpin’ Jellybean family! We are connected.

We aren’t trying to become millionaires. (not that we wouldn’t mind)
We didn’t start this company to get rich. We started this company to provide a service to the community of people we love, families and children. We started this company to provide us with the freedom we wanted so badly.

We aren’t trying to get rich by ripping people off.

We want families to enjoy spending time with their kids and not be thinking about how they are going to eat for the next two weeks. We love our kids and the joy they bring and we want that for every family!

Not to mention, we want parents to get a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP and maybe even SLEEP IN at least once! Jumpin’ Jellybeans does all of this!

If you aren’t convinced by now that Jumpin’ Jellybeans isn’t just another bouncy house rental place, then CALL US 901-609-8131  rent one of our bounce houses and let us PROOVE it!