Birthday Party? Get a Cookie to Celebrate!

How did cake become the face of birthday’s and when did cupcakes take over that face? Who said a birthday cake or  cupcake has to be the centerpiece to a birthday party?


We all know birthday cakes are awesome and they make up a huge portion of birthday planning. A beautiful cake that taste delicious is just as important as the activities at the birthday. What if I told you cookies can be just as great? Yep, I said cookies! Cookies are a lost treat that doesn’t get the value and attention they deserve. Even though cookies aren’t thought of as a signature centerpiece for a birthday party, they are always a welcomed treat to have. No one ever just eats one cookie. A good warm cookie can soothe your soul unlike any slice of cake. Bury the cake and revive the cookie!

Hello Birthday Party Cookie!

We all remember the first time we saw the giant birthday cookie and how amazed we were! Everyone wanted the giant birthday cookie. Somehow along the way the classic cake took over and overshadowed the excitement of the birthday cookie. We love the idea of the birthday cookie at Jumpin’ Jellybeans! It’s nontraditional, it’s clean, it’s inexpensive and more importantly it is yummy!

You can take a birthday cookie and make it into anything your heart desires. So next time you are planning your birthday party check out our friends at Great American Cookie and allow them to help make your birthday cookie the best desert ever!