What About The Germs in The Ball Pit?

Jumpin’ Jellybeans will not be Jumpin’ Jellygerms.

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking about the days of McDonald’s ball pit and maybe even Showbiz Pizza ( I know I totally showed my age). There are two distinct things that make us different from these two places. 1. It is 2017 and technology has evolved, and 2. We are a boutique!

What does that have to do with balls and germs?

We have a state of the art ball washing machine that we use to clean all of our balls! We lovingly call him Ewalk. Ewalk sucks up all the balls, sends them through a washing machine with special soap, and spits the clean ball back out. Technology has evolved since the days of McDonald’s ball pit!

We don’t stop there. If you know anything about a boutique, it is usually smaller, more upscale, friendlier, cleaner, and sometimes more expensive than your big box stores. A boutique goes the extra mile to ensure their products are higher quality. The boutique play space is no different.

Every Sunday night we empty our ball pit and wipe down all the surfaces, walls, and floor mat. Next we sort through the balls, get rid of any deflated balls and hand wipe any balls that may need extra attention. We then mist our balls with a disinfectant solution and let them sit overnight. Monday Morning we send all of our balls to Ewalk who deep cleans them and refill the pit the with nice clean balls! Now you know why we close at 5 on Sunday and are Closed on Monday’s.

Have you ever heard of a McDonald’s or Chuck E Cheese closing for a day of deep cleaning? We take that extra step to ensure our ball pit is germ free.

What else can you expect from us to keep you germ free?

Several times a day, myself or one of the fun directors will go through and wipe down all of the handles, steps, walls of the ball pit, door knobs or anywhere else that little germs may have gotten. We do this process several times throughout the day. Every night at closing we go through and disinfect our ball pit, kitchen area, train area, toddler area, game room, and the cool beans cafe! We mop the floors including the mats with a disinfectant cleaner. This is why we currently close at 7pm to allow us time to fully go through and clean and sanitize the play space.

Our socks are a requirement for everyone and we give out new socks with every visit. This ensures everyone is walking around with clean, fresh germ free socks! We ask that those wanting to take a tour of The Boutique wear shoe covers or remove their shoes. Balls that roll out of the ball pit into the front of the store where shoes are worn, we collect and clean them by hand before returning them to the ball pit. Every single fun director has hand sanitizer, tissues, and bandaids on hand in their aprons for runny noses or dirty hands. Throughout the boutique you will find hand sanitizer for you to use at your leisure as well as tissues and napkins for little runny noses.

While we can’t kill every single micro germ, we do our very best to ensure our facility is clean, sanitized, and fresh every single day! If you know anything about Jumpin’ Jellybeans Party Rentals and Inflatables, then you know without a doubt Jumpin’ Jellybeans Boutique Play Space is going to be as clean as clean can be!

So, while you may have had a horrible experience with a McDonald’s ball pit off the highway in 1998 or a showbiz pizza in 1988, you don’t have to worry about having that same experience at The Boutique. Every ball pit isn’t created equal and every ball pit isn’t a germ fest. So, cool your beans, take off your shoes, chillax, get a cup of coffee and Jump in the ball pit for goodness sake!!